We Help You Find The Best Prepaid Credit Card

Don’t want to use a card based on credit?

Prepaid cards, no credit credit cards. are ideal to use if you don’t want to acquire any credit debt.

Unlike regular credit cards, you can not spend money that you don’t have, so you’re not at risk not being able to pay off any debt and get into any financial trouble.

Because the money you will spend from a prepaid credit is initially deposited by yourself, a prepaid credit card is basically a payment tool that offers you the ability to issue a credit card payment.

There are various usage fees involved for these type of cards, so it would be best to compare the cards below to get an idea of what cards will suit more with the way you will use the card.

You’ll naturally experience the least amount of difficulties to be approved for a prepaid credit card, compared to a regular credit card, as the money on the card is not based on credit, but your own money.

Keep in mind that fees for these type of cards can vary quite a bit, so make sure to compare the fees below to get a good understanding what type of card would suit your needs best.

One card may have more a more interesting reward program then the other, or have lower charge fees for each purchase, or more favorable fee rates in overall.

Whatever your need is, below you will UK’s most popular reloadable prepaid cards, compare …choose… and apply!

Tuxedo Prepaid Card - £3,000 Maximum Deposit

Shop online or in stores securely using Chip and PIN. It can be used anywhere you see the MasterCard Acceptance Mark.

The Tuxedo prepaid card is a great tool for anyone that want to keep their budget in check, because you can't spend more then you put on the card.

Applying for this card does not result in any credit checks and there are no income requirements,

You do not even have to own a bank account to be approved for the Tuxedo card, you only have to be older then 18 and have a valid address in the UK ... apply today and make use of the Tuxedo prepaid card in a matter of days!

You can either Pay as You Go or pay a Monthly fee on the card.

Pay as You: No Monthly Fees, but no Free transactions.
Monthly Fee: On transaction these fees will apply, 2.95% (min 50p, max £5.00)

Maximum deposit on the Tuxedo card is £3,000, but requires proof of identity, for the maximum limit of £1,650 no proof of identity is required.